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We think door to door sales prey on the vulnerable. Please sign our petition to make the practice illegal.

Door to door sales prey on the vulnerable. Whether those people be elderly, single parents, disabled, whoever, it doesn’t matter to the salesman if he has an advantage and an opportunity to make a sale – often at an inflated price. People can be misled, feel threatened and scared and end up signing contracts and paying out money when they should be better informed.

The latest trick is that they claim that they are not selling anything, just doing a survey. This is almost certainly not true and simply a ‘line’ to get past the front door. At which point they are told what home improvement products they ‘need’, and would they like a quote!

In our opinion, if someone wants to get a quote, they will get one. They don’t need pushy salespeople knocking on their door trying to sell them anything that they may or may not need.

Over the next year we intend to collect as many signatures as possible and present these to the government and other organisations. Please fill in the form and help us achieve a nationwide ban on cold call door to door sales.