How does it work?

1. Fill in our simple forms for your chosen service

  • Tell us what you want and when you want the bid process to end

2. Receive Quotes

  • Suppliers will compete for your quote based on your specification
  • You will receive notifications for every quote
  • Your details are kept privately and safely and you won’t be contacted by anyone until you accept a quote

3. Choose a Company

  • View bids and compare them throughout the bidding process
  • Compare the suppliers with their FTS rating
  • Click accept to confirm your chosen bid

Once you’ve picked a winning bid you’ll be put in touch with the winning company for them to do the work

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Why use Forget the Salesman?

  • Accurate quotations provided based on your specification rather than ‘estimates’ with changeable pricing
  • Get work done exactly how you want it
  • All companies fully vetted and registered with standards agencies
  • No Obligations
  • Stop salesmen coming to your door offering cheap work for silly prices

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