French Doors

French doors are ideal for a wide range of uses, particularly where a traditional feel is desired. They are suitable for any façade of the house and indeed can be used in porches, at the rear of a property or even as a side entrance.

Choose from Hardwood, uPVC or Aluminium French doors. With a large number of options and finishes available.

The French doors offered by our suppliers are durable and attractive and made to last. The doors are manufactured to the highest standards.

All of the French doors available from our suppliers are completely weatherproof providing tight seals against the harshest weather that nature can throw at them. They all meet and surpass requirements for construction, safety, security, weather-tightness and strength of performance. This means that your new French doors are not only striking in appearance, but also extremely robust. A product that is built to last and will provide years of pleasure.

All of our suppliers offer a fully comprehensive guarantee on all of their products.