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Forget the Salesman allows you to cut out the middle man and lets you do everything on your terms. You tell us what you want and accredited companies will start bidding to do your work!

Forget the Salesman

Find your own supplier

At Forget the Salesman, we qualify all of our suppliers using rigorous checks so that you can be assured of top quality products and professional qualified installers.

Forget the Salesman

No Salespeople

We assure all quotes; price changes are not allowed without our consent and prior discussion between ourselves, the customer and the supplier, to mediate and agree the price change.

Forget the Salesman

Strict Working Policy

Our purpose and our aim is to protect you from pushy salesmen, while ensuring you get the best quality at the right price. Our Promise is: Assured Quality, Assured Workmanship and Assured Best Value For Money.


The home improvement and double glazing market has a terrible reputation for pushy salespeople, and rightly so. Some firms in the industry are renowned for employing hard-sell tactics and the market is full of shocking stories of rip-offs and scandals.

So wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a company that vetted these double glazing and home improvement companies in order to make sure that all of their users got a trustworthy and reliable service along with an amazing quality of work? That is exactly what we offer, we only give quotes and prices from the very best companies and so you can keep your cost low while ensuring that you are not ripped off as so many others have been.

The job of a salesperson is to achieve the highest possible price for the product he is selling, regardless of the quality. That fact alone makes buying anything, and in particular, double glazing or home improvements , a difficult task. Unless you are an expert, you might not really know exactly what you are buying.

Using smaller local firms, is often a better way to avoid these chances, BUT the firm needs to be well established with a good reputation for quality and service. There are still poor quality firms selling cheap products or using bad installers, in the smaller end of the market.

At Forget the Salesman, we qualify all of our double glazing suppliers using rigorous checks so that you can be assured of top quality products AND trustworthy, professional and qualified installers.

So don’t take a chance with your double glazed windows, hoping that the quote that you get is fair, as you could pay a steep price later on when the cost of the poor work becomes apparent. So for top quality work and a cost that is fair you need to Forget the Salesman!